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A bit of background

My desire to be an artist stemmed from a sketch I made of my dead father. Drawn on the back of an envelope, it was a formative moment. It identified for me a desire to record the face, its many layers and our multiplicity of being. It sparked an interest in documenting who we are and the existential challenges of life and its meaning.

In addition to making art, I have an interest in thinking and writing about art. For several years I dedicated the blog Easel and Me to discussions about women’s self-portraiture, a sub-genre of unerring interest for me. In a professional capacity, I’ve written about art and heritage for Museums & Galleries of NSW and the Office of Heritage and Environment.

I’ve had a long collaborative relationship with Anne Labovitz, an American artist who I met in Italy while studying with Luiz Camnitzer in the late 1990s. Anne and I are close friends and together have published four small books about our practice.